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Monty's World Volume 5
The last of the Monty's World trades collects issues 11-15 of Fun Adventure Comics! anthology series. You'll find it at: Amazon, Kindle, ComiXology, and DriveThru Comics..
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Will Lill Comics is the self-publishing home of Warren Montgomery. With 30+ years of comic book experience, Warren has provided lettering and coloring for many publishers.

Publishers include: Boneyard Press, London Night Studios, Brainstorm Comics, Bluewater Comics, Boom! Studios, Lion Forge Comics, Albatross Funnybooks. Titles include: Razor, Adventure Time, Toil and Trouble, Over The Garden Wall, Jim Henson's The Storyteller, 'Namwolf, Galaktikon, Hillbilly, and more.

Self-published titles include: Monty's World, John Kirby: Firefox, Fun Adventure Comics!.

You can check out his online DeviantArt gallery here.
Read his interview at Lo-Fi Fonts here.

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